torsdag 21 april 2016

Cold fusion circus update

A symposium under the title New Energy World Symposium was to be held in Stockholm and I recently commented on this here and offered to give a talk at the symposium titled "Science, nuclear physics and the E-Cat".

Meanwhile, Rossi and Industrial Heat get hot over cold fusion. On April 8 the following statement was made:
"Industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the results claimed by Mr. Rossi from the E-Cat technology – all without success."
The beforehand (!) so highly praised independent report (yes, yet another) that was to prove (wait, wasn't it already proven many times?) is delayed (surprise).

Finally the New Energy World Symposium has been cancelled. What a pity. I was so looking forward to give my talk. 

8 kommentarer:

  1. Disappointing it is. But maybe not at all suprising.

  2. From twitter:
    Mats Lewan ‏@matslew Feb 24

    @StephanPomp You proposed yourself as a speaker at . Maybe yes, but I advice you to have a plan to back out.

    Now I know why.

  3. Looks like he beat you to it (the backing out that is).

  4. Show will go on - Rossi does not mean to surrender to evidence of failure with IH, as he will be able to find new believers keeping on same game: "within few months, truth will come up" is a slogan we've been listening since 2010, but is still repeated from now on by followers, and we will hear it again year after year, while new E Cat models (protected via NDA by secret customers from horrible trolls and Strong Power Rangers) will be invented every 12/18 months.

    For those who -at end- are still able to find a bit of amusement in this absurd story, the entertainment will last long

    1. Rossi will never surrender since the money still seems to flow his way.

      What is more interesting to follow are his followers. And indeed, looking at, e.g., Mats Lewans blogg provides some entertainment. Just look at all this bending over backwards. the construction of various hypotheses about "the truth". All avoiding the most obvious, i.e, that the E-Cat does ot work, never worked, never will work and the whole hype is based on fraud and deception.

      And in a way I must admit - as I have written earlier: well played Mr. Rossi. The fools are the fooled.

    2. Mats have closed the comments on his blog. I can't blame him, but it is somewhat sad that he seems to be completely assimilated but the E-cat cult by now.

    3. Yes and it is getting ever more bizarre:

      I don't even know were to start. If this was strange from the start, the most amazing thing is that Rossi and his priests manage to always find another twist to make the whole thing even crazier. Just the choice of name "Quark X". And then the number "500,000" units per year ("estimated") despite the fact that no single working unit has been produced since this popped out to the public 6 years ago ...
      And yes: if Mats wasn't part of the cult yet, his latest post makes clear that he totally lost it.

  5. Also irony never ends: he closed comments on a post claimed to be in search of truth as soon as a piece of truth came out - seems as if speaking of public known money self declared earned from a supposed being pinballs Maker by someone who wrote alleged "independent reports" was too much as piece of truth for Lewan (and for the one who earned that money).

    In search of Truth, at least as long as it does not spring out...